Nicky is a self taught abstract artist based in Victoria Australia, who paints with a vibrant visual intensity of colour using acrylic and ink. Nicky’s motivation of intrigue and experimentation often result in a narrative of a spiritual artistic journey and personal expression.  Nicky has a unique vision for bringing colour assortments together with dynamic textural sense in an aesthetic that would perhaps not be brought together otherwise. 

Nicky feels her purpose is to paint artworks that people feel a strong emotional connection to. Often she receives a lot of personal stories and journeys when clients commission her to paint for them. Whether it is a loss in the family, a broken marriage, or a child with special needs - Nicky's paintings help people to heal, feel calm, happiness, peace, positive energy and optimism - an emotional link to the human and artistic experience. 


Highlights of Nicky's career to date include an evolving following not only across Australia, but Internationally with private collectors from New Zealand, UK, and USA.

Nicky commissioned four large scale paintings for Luke and Ebony’s apartment in the Australian home renovation television series “The Block” (2015).

In April of 2016 Nicky was invited to showcase her work at artExpo [SOLO] New York. From there she was invited to take part in a group exhibition “Art and Colours” at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in Pall Mall, London during September.

Nicky completed a large scale design project of five artworks with a Queensland based Interior Designer Taryn Whitaker of Assorted Design Spaces, and collaborated with a Californian/Hawaiian based company on a beach towel that has dropped in May for the U.S Summer (purchase via SHOP).

As well as an artist, and in no particular order, Nicky is a wanderlust - she has traveled the world, her favorite place is California and she's always looking for the next adventure, life is a holiday after all (hey mum!!)

She loves being a mother to her seven year old daughter, loves food and a good cup of tea - white with half a sugar and the tiniest drop of milk you've ever seen! Nicky is a part time kindergarten assistant at a Steiner inspired setting and a University student studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood. 

"Supporting other women will never be a second thought for me. No matter how similar or how different. We must stick together and stand together. 

We must love one another to grow with each other. It's simple. Erase competition and start connecting" - alex elle


Photos by Dan Kriss https://www.instagram.com/dankrissphoto/