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“When you buy something from an artist, you're buying more than an object. You're buying hundreds of hours of error and experimentation. You're buying years of frustration, and moments of pure joy. You're not buying just one thing. You are buying a piece of heart, a piece of soul.”

It is important to be reminded from the beginning that the nature of this work is free flowing abstract art. Every single painting is COMPLETELY one of a kind, the beauty that comes with each piece is unique; colours can meet and form new shades. There must be an open mind, and the understanding that artworks cannot be reproduced in any way.

Please be precise about the colours you wish to see, and those that you would prefer not to be used. Once a strong idea of what you would like is established, Nicky will send through a swatch with a selection of colours that need to be approved prior to the painting being started. After painting, and once the artist feels as though the artwork is resolved, photographs will be provided for your perusal and approval. Slight changes can be possible, however not always recommended as this can sometimes ruin the intricate detail of the paint that is often not seen clearly until the painting arrives with you.

All prices include a raw oak shadow box frame. If you prefer black or white, please email Nicky.

Once you select your option below, please select your shipping rate according to your state. For international orders, a separate invoice with shipping cost will be emailed. Nicky will then email you once your order is received to get the creative process rolling.

If for some reason you are not happy with the finished product, a re paint fee is asked, to cover some of the costs to do so.

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